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Sweetie and Kitty
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Well, he's in the spare bedroom now, with a litter box and food and water. Hardi's hanging out with him because he starts crying if he's left alone for long. Calliope and Leo are Unamused. He's alert, outgoing, and sweet-tempered, and he pounces anything that moves and some things that don't. Unfortunately, he's also sneezing; I'm going to see about getting him into the vet tomorrow, as it seems he has a cold or something going on with his eyes. My neighbor says he's 3 or 4 months old but has no other info about health history. Le sigh.

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Little Kitty
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Anyone looking to adopt a kitten? One of my neighbors took a friend's kitten and has now realized he's gotten in over his head. Don't know exactly how old the little guy is, but he's very, very sweet and friendly. Also know nothing about medical history, but he seems healthy. I'd take him to our vet, but they've already got SIX cats waiting for homes, because they are just that awesome. So, uh, yeah. Spread the word?

ETA: He's got a cold, or something that's making him sneeze. But he's eating, drinking, and attacking things, so he can't be too sick. Vet tomorrow.
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See? The University of Sussex says so.

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I'm ridiculously behind on updates. So, randomly:

1. Teaching summer school. Last week was 2 of 6. It's going amazingly well and my students are both awesome and happy.

2. Saw Star Trek a few weeks ago. It was a giant steaming plate of meh with a large dollop of lamesauce and a generous side of crunchy-fried plot holes.

3. Summer fruit season. Mmmmm, fruit. Ooh, and there's the microwave announcing that my apricot crisp is done. It's better in the oven, but it's way too damn hot for that. Also there's corn cooling on the stove and my fridge is fully of excellent produce. I loves me some farmer's market.

4. Speaking of the oven, we've been baking bread pretty regularly. Niiiiice.

5. Hardi and I celebrated our twelfth anniversary last weekend. It was lovely. ♥

6. I've been reading a ton of good books lately. *is happy*

7. My container garden is flourishing. Some good lengths of chicken wire wrapped around the benches where the pots are sitting are keeping the cats out, so stuff is finally getting the chance to grow undisturbed. My first johnny-jump-ups and nasturtiums are blooming. Squee.

8. The cats are very well. Such a relief after the last few years of Locke's and Kiri's lives.

9. I haz an iPhone.

10. My arms are much of the suckage. :/

How's by you?
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You have never truly laughed if you have never watched a cat get his head stuck in an empty pint-size ice cream carton.

That is all.
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I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Totally SWF. Also for children and everyone else. Maybe not if you've had abdominal surgery lately.

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The dreaded stinkfoot!!! )
*laughs hysterically*

(Yes, I know the image is the wrong size. I'm not touching it, hence the cut.)


Feb. 10th, 2007 03:09 pm
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Long time since my last update.
Long-ass rambling about my life, plus pictures of my cats. No, I mean it. Really, really long-ass. )
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God I love the Chronicle.

Curiosity killed the... Heh. I went there. )

HAHAHAHAoh that cat has him so snowed. Cats took over the Internet years ago. I mean, please.


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