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So I forgot to write about this on Monday when it happened, but wow! My spine emerged big time. Let me preface this by saying that I like other people's well-mannered dogs, and I really like dog owners who train and clean up after their animals. The bond between humans and dogs is a beautiful thing and brings a lot of joy to a lot of people, and I highly believe that anyone who wants a dog and can take care of it should have the chance for that kind of happiness. Okay? Okay.

I was on my way into the department office for a meeting taking place at the site we share with a preschool/family program. There are fences everywhere because those little four-year-olds will take off a like a rocket and go play in traffic at the least chance.

So I parked my car in the lot, and I headed toward the school, and on my way I walked within maybe five or six feet a woman with a large dog (properly restrained on a leash). Which barked at me, and I was like, Way to socialize your dog, lady, nice work. But I wrote it off, and then as I went through the gate and turned around I saw my coworker M behind me. We waved; she ended up within ten feet of the lady with the dog, too, which barked at her. M came up to me a bit shaken, because it turns out she was once chased a long way by a very large dog while she was out jogging, and ever since then she has been afraid of dogs. So what lovely thing do you think happened next?

M came through the gate, which I then noticed had a large sign of recent vintage reading ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH (PALO ALTO MUNICIPAL CODE BLAHBLAHBLAH), and I thought, Huh, what's up with that, but it's a good idea.

And then I shut the gate, and suddenly what comes charging up to us? A dog. Not on a leash. It was just a pug, but whatever, it wasn't wagging or play-bowing so I had no idea of its intentions. And I looked up to see its owner and channeled Robin McKinley and bellowed, "CALL YOUR DOG." And the guy, looking gobsmacked, gave a half-hearted call. Fortunately the dog turned around, and suddenly I found myself yelling, and I mean yelling: "WE HAVE A LEASH LAW IN PALO ALTO, GET THAT DOG ON A LEASH BEFORE I CALL THE COPS."

M looked at me like I was something amazing. (What was going through my own head, though, was, Holy crap, where did that come from?) And then M started telling me about the chased-by-a-dog (into poison oak, BTW) story, and we commiserated about the idiocy of people who don't train and control their pets, and when I looked around the pug was on a leash.

Apparently they've had a bunch of assholes in Palo Alto decide that the children's playing field is a dog park. An off-leash dog park.

Yeah, thanks for the crap on the lawn all those preschoolers play on, ASSHOLES.
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I enjoyed seeing the new Spider-Man with friends. I am not enjoying the gigantic explosions being set off like 15 feet from my building, which are in fact so gigantic that they keep setting off someone's car alarm.

I fucking HATE July 4th.

p.s. I called the cops. LOL, fuckers.
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And thanks to some vagary of building luck, my desk sits right in a corner where the smell from downstairs can just slide right in.

Every time I report it, to the manager (who is quite sympathetic) or the cops, the cops show up too late to catch the guy actually toking, and they can't enter the apartment and search it without probable cause, namely the stink. And quite right, too; I don't want jackbooted thugs on my police force, thank you very much. But it does make things unpleasant for me whenever the guy gets it into his head to have a few hits.

They have a baby, too. This offends me--that they'd smoke anything, but especially pot, with a baby in the house.

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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] litgoddess. Boldface by me.


Idiots. They're making Texas look bad worse. Nice, intelligent people live there! I swear it!
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Wonderful. An anti-net-pedophilia group calling itself Warriors for Innocence has dropped a big rock in the LJ pond and, it seems, gotten a number of journals and communities suspended.

Child abusers are disgusting. I find the idea of "erotica" about child rape to be so full of ick that there's no place to start. But I also get uneasy whenever people start in with the "[fillintheblank] is more important than free speech" bit because it's very easy to fall down that slippery slope.

These people got LiveJournal scared by going to advertisers; perfectly legitimate tactic. But with 13 million journals and counting to deal with, LJ admin threw up their hands and started doing blanket suspensions based on interests. The folks at WfI are so smugly confident that they are doing God's Work in All the Right Ways that they're refusing even to acknowledge that they've hurt people--like survivors of molestation whose support groups have just gotten deep-sixed. "Oh, I'm sure you can get your journal reinstated," they say. Not true, apparently; LJ doesn't have the resources to review journals one by one, and one person commenting on WfI's web site has said that LJ Abuse is not going to reinstate any suspended journals for fear of legal liability.

I know these people are trying to do what they think is right, but anyone who wants to get child porn off the Internet should be working in partnership with law enforcement and with people who actually have a fucking clue how the Net works.


ETA: If you can't connect to the link above, you can probably safely assume that Journalfen got Slashdotted. So to speak.
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Just... this is the biggest WTF I have seen in... maybe ever.


*E opens mouth to speak*
*shuts it*
I just.
*gives it up as a bad job, wanders off looking shell shocked*
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Stolen fire truck ends up in creek

Meredith May
Monday, March 26, 2007
Investigators are dusting a fire truck for fingerprints to try to find out who stole it from the Casa Loma Volunteer Fire Department garage and drove it into a nearby creek.

I can't believe someone would do this. Well, no, I can, but still. What an asshole.


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