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Drave asked what the changes are. They are many! In the default comment style, we now may enjoy:

• no subject lines, always a winning strategy when wrangling very large numbers of comments
• no drop-down icon menu but rather a pop-up browser that takes forever to load
• no compatibility with screen readers for the visually impaired
• spotty compatibility for mobile users and Firefox users
• a background that's blinding white, so much white space that folks are reporting headaches and worse, and gradient color in the bars where users' names appear with the date and time of posts. Eye strain ahoy!

BTW, if I'm understanding correctly, only paid users have access to S2 styles, so users with free accounts may enjoy their migraines free of charge.

Also, community maintainers are reporting that S2 styles do not interact well with the large numbers of comments common to many LJ comms, so the management cry of "Let them use S2!" is, in short, bunk.

To avoid the layout/eye strain problem and make sure Subject lines appear as intended, go to Settings > Display and make sure "View all journals and communities in my own style" and "View comment pages from my Friends page in my own style" are both checked. Save any changes and then go to Journal > Journal Style > Customize Journal style, scroll down to Presentation, and set "Disable customized comment pages for your journal" to No.

Of course, if you don't have a paid account, you are SOL. Thanks, LJ!

Anyway, hope this helps. The whole situation is just stupid and should never have happened in the first place.

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I can't even get my mind around the scope of the disaster. I lived in Japan for three and half months when I was 20. The people I met were so very kind to a small, unsure foreigner who just wanted to learn about the culture.

Yesterday we donated $100 to the Red Cross. There's a link on my sidebar. Even if all you have is $10, please, please give. If you don't like the Red Cross, there's Doctors Without Borders. There are other efforts going on, too: for one, the YA author Maureen Johnson is doing a charity raffle for Shelterbox, an organization that "that goes into areas of the world affected by disaster with large green boxes that contain shelters and the materials needed for people to restart their lives on some level. The boxes always include a top-quality tent, and they usually include stoves, blankets, water purification systems, and tools. This is true, life-saving stuff, hand-delivered by volunteers trained in survival techniques."

ETA: The Johnson raffle has ended; they raised more than $14K. If you want to donate directly to Shelterbox, it seems to have a pretty good reputation internationally. Note that they don't take location-specific donations, so if you really want to be completely sure your money will be directed to aid in Japan, you may want to choose another charity.

Through Facebook, I found this Google doc of post-quake tweets from Japan translated into English. It moved me to tears. One of them mentioned a person from the US who dialed his own phone number with the country code for Japan on the front. The American talked in English to a complete stranger who spoke his language only imperfectly, and he did it just to be able to tell someone in Japan that people were thinking of them.

Even if all you can do right now is retweet or echo a link or a story, please do it.

Thank you.
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Sweetie and Kitty
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Well, he's in the spare bedroom now, with a litter box and food and water. Hardi's hanging out with him because he starts crying if he's left alone for long. Calliope and Leo are Unamused. He's alert, outgoing, and sweet-tempered, and he pounces anything that moves and some things that don't. Unfortunately, he's also sneezing; I'm going to see about getting him into the vet tomorrow, as it seems he has a cold or something going on with his eyes. My neighbor says he's 3 or 4 months old but has no other info about health history. Le sigh.

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Little Kitty
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Anyone looking to adopt a kitten? One of my neighbors took a friend's kitten and has now realized he's gotten in over his head. Don't know exactly how old the little guy is, but he's very, very sweet and friendly. Also know nothing about medical history, but he seems healthy. I'd take him to our vet, but they've already got SIX cats waiting for homes, because they are just that awesome. So, uh, yeah. Spread the word?

ETA: He's got a cold, or something that's making him sneeze. But he's eating, drinking, and attacking things, so he can't be too sick. Vet tomorrow.
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] eyetosky (her post is here) by way of [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda (here.

The short version:
Pretty Bird Woman House, a South Dakota domestic abuse/rape shelter has been broken into, cleaned out of anything remotely valuable, and then subsequently burned down by vandals.

Bad enough, but then I read the DailyKos story and flames practically started coming out of my head.

From an Amnesty International report quote in the DKos story:
Amnesty International’s interviews with survivors, activists and support workers across the USA suggest that available statistics greatly underestimate the severity of the problem. In the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, for example, many of the women who agreed to be interviewed could not think of any Native women within their community who had not been subjected to sexual violence.


Luckily, there are great people helping Pretty Bird Woman House. Three things we can do:
1. Donate money for a new house.
2. Donate items for the shelter. Details in [livejournal.com profile] eyetosky's post
3. Spread the word: blog this. Please. Even if you can't afford to donate anything, just spread this meme.

Those folks in SD are doing a great, great thing. They just need a little help.
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Apparently there's a career meme making the rounds that, it turns out, isn't just a free, fun quiz like the memes we usually see around here. It comes from a pay site. My friend [livejournal.com profile] wendymr has--nicely--asked everyone she knows not to post the Career Cruising meme, and I'm spreading the word. I've posted excerpts from her post about it here.
. . . What most of you who are spreading the meme probably don't realise is that not-for-profit employment advice agencies like mine (which provide free employment counselling and career directions services to people out of work) and school and university career guidance services, pay a licence to use Career Cruising and provide it free for our clients. . . .

Under our terms of use, we have to use our site login details responsibly. 'Responsibly' means we can use it, for ourselves and with clients, on our organisation's premises, in workshops and so on. We can let clients have the password info to use it at home. 'Responsible use' does not include posting login information all over LiveJournal. Yes, most people I've seen doing this meme have done it under a flock - but not all.

. . . The agency in question whose login details are currently being splashed all over LJ - easily identifiable from those details; I already know who they are - would be in a lot of trouble if this got back to Career Cruising.

Career Cruising is a wonderful resource for Canadian and American jobseekers. Agencies like mine pay a licence so that we can make it available free to our clients, who really do benefit from it. I want to keep it that way. So please stop spreading this meme? Thank you :)

Just FYI. I would never have known about it, personally.

ETA: A Google search of "career cruising" meme returns... 408 results. *facepalm* I think it's time to pull in the [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda and [livejournal.com profile] dhio audiences.


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