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Dear Mississippi: FAIL.

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] gabrielleabelle at Mississippi Personhood Amendment
Okay, so I don't usually do this, but this is an issue near and dear to me and this is getting very little no attention in the mainstream media.

Mississippi is voting on November 8th on whether to pass Amendment 26, the "Personhood Amendment". This amendment would grant fertilized eggs and fetuses personhood status.

Putting aside the contentious issue of abortion, this would effectively outlaw birth control and criminalize women who have miscarriages. This is not a good thing.

Jackson Women's Health Organization is the only place women can get abortions in the entire state, and they are trying to launch a grassroots movement against this amendment. This doesn't just apply to Mississippi, though, as Personhood USA, the group that introduced this amendment, is trying to introduce identical amendments in all 50 states.

What's more, in Mississippi, this amendment is expected to pass. It even has Mississippi Democrats, including the Attorney General, Jim Hood, backing it.

The reason I'm posting this here is because I made a meager donation to the Jackson Women's Health Organization this morning, and I received a personal email back hours later - on a Sunday - thanking me and noting that I'm one of the first "outside" people to contribute.

So if you sometimes pass on political action because you figure that enough other people will do something to make a difference, make an exception on this one. My RSS reader is near silent on this amendment. I only found out about it through a feminist blog. The mainstream media is not reporting on it.

If there is ever a time to donate or send a letter in protest, this would be it.

What to do?

- Read up on it. Wake Up, Mississippi is the home of the grassroots effort to fight this amendment. Daily Kos also has a thorough story on it.

- If you can afford it, you can donate at the site's link.

- You can contact the Democratic National Committee to see why more of our representatives aren't speaking out against this.

- Like this Facebook page to help spread awareness.

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State Dept. wants to make it harder to get a passport

If you don’t want it to get even harder for a U.S. citizen to get a passport — now required for travel even to Canada or Mexico — you only have until Monday to let the State Department know.

The U.S. Department of State is proposing a new Biographical Questionnaire for some passport applicants: The proposed new Form DS-5513 asks for all addresses since birth; lifetime employment history including employers’ and supervisors names, addresses, and telephone numbers; personal details of all siblings; mother’s address one year prior to your birth; any “religious ceremony” around the time of birth; and a variety of other information. According to the proposed form, “failure to provide the information requested may result in … the denial of your U.S. passport application.”

The State Department estimated that the average respondent would be able to compile all this information in just 45 minutes, which is obviously absurd given the amount of research that is likely to be required to even attempt to complete the form.

It seems likely that only some, not all, applicants will be required to fill out the new questionnaire, but no criteria have been made public for determining who will be subjected to these additional new written interrogatories. So if the passport examiner wants to deny your application, all they will have to do is give you the impossible new form to complete. . . .

You can submit comments to the State Dept. online at Regulations.gov until midnight Eastern time on Monday, April 25, 2011. Go here, then click the “Submit a Comment” button at the upper right of the page. If that link doesn’t work for you, it’s probably a problem with the javascript used on the Regulations.gov website. There are alternate instructions for submitting comments by email here.


I commented. Also I called all my reps. This is bullshit. This is not going to make one single person safer, only represent a gross violation of privacy and, should an application be denied over this bullshit, a violation of the rights of free movement and free assembly.

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EFF to San Francisco Entertainment Commission: Don’t Turn SF into a Police State

APRIL 11TH, 2011
News Update by Eva Galperin

The city of San Francisco has a long history of political activism and cultural diversity, which could be in danger if the San Francisco Entertainment Commission has their way. The Electronic Frontier Foundation joined civil liberties and privacy groups in criticizing a proposal from the San Francisco Entertainment Commission that would require all venues with an occupancy of over 100 people to record the faces of all patrons and employees and scan their ID’s for storage in a database which they must hand over to law enforcement on request. If adopted, these rules would pose a grave threat to the rights of freedom of association, due process, and privacy in San Francisco.

I've already shared this on my FB, but please echo it along. As I wrote there: RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE.

If you live in SF, and you are able, please consider attending the public hearing tomorrow, April 12, at 6:30 PM
in Room 400, City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco.
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I have not been posting about politics here recently for the simple reason that Facebook makes link-sharing so very very easy. But it's hard to make commentary there, considering the character limit.

Still. I got something to say. To all the, like, five people who are reading here.

Union busting? We got it.

Debtors' prisons? We'll get right on that.

Busting poor people who carry cash? Yep, working on it.

And don't even get me started on Republican efforts to make the IRS audit you to make sure that a) that pregnancy you terminated came about through rape or incest and that b) if your pregnancy did not come about through rape or incest, you didn't use any taxpayer money to pay for it, including using tax write-offs to pay for your NONgovernment-run health insurance plan.

Yeah, you heard me.

This is the shit that Republicans are working on, when they supposedly got elected to work to create jobs in this country.

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White House Privacy Board Says It's All Good

The White House's hand-picked Privacy and Civil Liberty Oversight Board released its first-ever report to Congress Monday, finding that controversial programs such as government watch lists and the NSA's warrantless eavesdropping program do not impinge on Americans' civil liberties.

. . .


Hand... picked... foxhenhousea;lsdihfadshfalud

Yup, that there Patriot Act was sure well written.

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Donald Rumsfeld should be burned at the stake.
Court Asked to Limit Lawyers at Guantánamo

Published: April 26, 2007

The Justice Department has asked a federal appeals court to impose tighter restrictions on the hundreds of lawyers who represent detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and the request has become a central issue in a new legal battle over the administration’s detention policies.

Saying that visits by civilian lawyers and attorney-client mail have caused “intractable problems and threats to security at Guantánamo,” a Justice Department filing proposes new limits on the lawyers’ contact with their clients and access to evidence in their cases that would replace more expansive rules that have governed them since they began visiting Guantánamo detainees in large numbers in 2004.

My favorite is this quote from the DOJ: "There is no right on the part of counsel to access to detained aliens on a secure military base in a foreign country."

Yeah. Just wait until an American citizen is detained on a secure military base in a foreign country and see if DOJ says, "Oh, well, there is no right on the part of counsel to access to--" Yeah, I don't believe it either.

And while we're at it, throw another vice president on the fire.

(Obligatory warning to the irony impaired: NOT SERIOUS.)

We have got to get that military tribunal/no habeas corpus law off the books. Write your Representative! Write your Senators! Work on getting someone elected to the White House who doesn't actually want to be King! Commit no violent acts!

More info courtesy of this nifty habeas website. Nifty website courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] litgoddess.
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Oh, yes. Have you read the news today? Thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States, I am well on the way to becoming a second-class citizen. Thanks, Supreme Court!
Even if you disapprove of abortion, you should fear the precedent )
Anthony Kennedy? FUCK YOU.
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Fully work safe. Suitable for all audiences except, perhaps, for lawyers. Also George Bush. But we should make him watch it anyway.

And NCLB still sucks and blows at the same time. Even worse than "New Earth" (GDNE).
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Here's an excerpt of a posting from thinkprogress.org, ganked from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] kiri_l.
Big government for great justice!! )
God. The 109th Congress really pisses me off. They play the child porn card while ignoring the real work. GO DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE, YOU DUMB FUCKS. Like... work on fixing Medicare! Jesus.
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Have a look at what SusanG over at Daily Kos has to say about the current situation. She's not just upset; she's mad as hell and she's not going to take it anymore, in the best possible way.

A small excerpt:
WE are the spine we are looking for. WE are the heart, the soul, the courage of this country. WE are the Democratic Party, not Mary Landrieu or Ben Nelson or Frank Lautenberg or Jay Rockefeller. Those representatives serve at our will. They are our servants, not our masters. And WE are Americans who are, to put it mildly, about three galaxies beyond outrage, as well we should be.

So when we've fully cycled through the necessary step of dueling "Calm the Fuck Down!" and "I Will NOT Calm the Fuck Down!" diaries, when we've flushed the fresh shock of yesterday's legislation out of our systems, when the betrayal and grief and outrage give way to the urge for fierce and united action ... it will be time to find a candidate who stands for what we believe in and GIVE. Give money, give time, give expertise. Hit the streets, hard. Wailing, if you must, but goddamn it, hit them. Go to another district. Hell, go to another state if you have to and put in the time. And if this set of netroots candidates wins and it turns out they don't come through for us, kick them the hell out in the next election. We'll do it over and over and over again until we get it right, if that's what it takes.

Smart lady.
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(Warning: long post)

Hey, poor people apparently don't get sick! 'Cause they must not need health insurance, according to Senator Michael Enzi (R-WY) and a majority of the members of our illustrious Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee.

One! more! reason! to hate, detest, and loathe Republicans )

They're organizing a national call-in day tomorrow, May 3rd. Please please please take a minute tomorrow to call your Senators, toll free--1-800-828-0498--and tell them to vote NO on the Enzi bill.


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