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So that comment thing where you are forcing me to browse my user icons instead of giving me a nice efficient drop-down menu?


Stupid assholes.
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So this evening I watched a couple of episodes of the TV series Lie to Me, which is about a research group that consults with third parties on figuring out the truth using applied psychology to interpret microexpressions, body language, and other types of facial coding. Overall it seems fairly well done: interesting premise, fairly intelligent writing, yada yada.

But. )
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A crew of boys went by a bit ago, bellowing the ways boys will, and one of them screamed, just as they passed my room, "SHUT UP, DOWN'S SCHOOL IS MEETING." (Or something to that effect.)

I told my students that nothing inspires me to go postal faster than people messing with my students in any way, including by insulting them.

Yeah, they're just stupid ignorant boys who think anything different is bad and threatening and who probably cannot possibly conceive of coming to school just because you want to. Don't care. They still suck. And I would still throw someone out of my class if he made hateful ignorant comments about developmentally disabled people, even if it's "only" to suggest that Down's is in some way "bad."
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It has come to my attention that because I took part in one discussion thread on one person's LJ during the flamewars/mobbing incidents about Patricia Wrede's Thirteenth Child, and then posted a follow-up here to say DO NOT EVEN START, BITCHES, I'm now tagged on the Fan History Wiki as a "participant" in the RaceFail 2009 kerfuffle.

Oh, please.

The discussion thread on my friend's LJ was not about the merits, or lack thereof, of Wrede's book; the book's premise (which was pretty weak and very squicky to start with, frankly, and the book itself wasn't all that memorable); or the larger issue over whether racism is Bad. The discussion thread was about incivility and mobbing, though the word mobbing didn't actually put in an appearance.

Let's get it right out there: HELL YES RACISM IS BAD DUH WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU. And no, I don't get to define for other people the things that hurt them and are bad for them. If someone screams "OUCH!" my first reaction is going to be, "Oh crap, I stepped on your foot! I'm so sorry, are you hurt?"— not, "Well, your foot is too big and you shouldn't have stuck it in my way, fool."

But calling me a "participant" on the basis of one post to which I (restating here; the post in question is now private; can you blame a person?) responded, "Yeah, the way people are reacting to this issue—namely, by mobbing—pisses me off" and then one follow-up to warn off the trolls? Overstate much? I didn't exactly go wading into any of the high-traffic pages about the issue. But that's the power of Google for you: now you, too, can easily find conversations to butt into, the better to get all up in people's faces, if that's what floats your boat.

And just to get one more thing out there: If your response to my stepping on your foot is "BITCH GET THE FUCK OFF MY FOOT, YOU WHORE," you can pretty much expect me to quit listening to you. You know, that whole "incivility" thing. And if you get your friends to come by and tell me how unworthy I am, I'm going to consider you a waste of oxygen (you know, that whole "mobbing" thing). So if I accidentally hurt your feelings and you get all up in my face and assume malice, congenital idiocy, racism, or any other thing aside from one of those momentary attacks of The Dumb to which we are all, as humans, susceptible—well, all I have to say to you, cordially, is Fuck you. And I mean that sincerely.

I'd love to take my entry down from the idiotic Wiki, but you know, I'm pretty much stuck with it, the internet being what it is, as I'm sure if my little line in it disappeared, someone would just come along and restore it. Especially in the wake of this post; I'm pretty sure some people make it their life's work to actively search for things to be offended by. (OMG SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET, CALL OUT THE MOBBING MOBS.) That's life. You take the good, you take the bad, etc., etc.

Just don't expect to start anything here, because I will shut down anyone stirring up shit so fast you'll have scorch marks on your ass. I'm leaving this public because the first post was public, and if I'm going up on the bloody FH Wiki as a "participant," this is going up there too, by God.

ETA: Just to further clarify, not that I think my friends need it: I really don't have a problem with apologizing to someone who's saying, OW, that hurt... but if they descend to name-calling, screaming, or accusations that I somehow did it on purpose, I really don't see that I owe them a damn thing. I see people in the anti-racism community insist, over and over, that intent doesn't matter. Well, it's true, as far as it goes: if I hurt someone, they're hurt whether I intended to hurt them or not. Big flaming news flash: That doesn't make it okay to escalate. Seriously. I'll put it a different way: Being hurt does not give anyone license to be an asshole. (I'll make a medical exception for women in childbirth and people passing kidney stones; anyone dealing with chronic pain; and recovering addicts. Yes, you're welcome.)

To be honest? Random internet busybodies coming by my journal to tell me I'm Wrong are more likely to be met with a cold stare than anything else. I don't barge into strangers' front-yard barbecues to tell them they're idiots, even if, walking by, I hear them make snide comments about geeky white chicks, English teachers, or any other group I belong to. I don't have to educate the troglodytes of the world unless they want to pay me my going rate. And you know? THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MONEY IN THE WORLD FOR THAT.

Also, yes, I'm fully aware of the irony in being uncivil while decrying incivility. You don't have to like it; nobody asked you to rope me or my friend into the DIAF-no-you-DIAF pissing match that was RaceFail.
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The embedding tool for this CNN news video doesn't work (oh yay, Turner Broadcasting, WHATEVER), but the upshot is that the minister of a Baptist church in Arizona says right on camera that he prays for Obama to get brain cancer and die.

Quality human, oh yeah.

Even better? The dude who showed up at the Obama town hall later that weekend in Phoenix, toting an assault rifle? Was in Crazy Minister's church during that service.

In Bush's day, you couldn't even wear a freakin' t-shirt that said BUSH SUCKS or IRAQ: GTFO or DEAR GOD, IF YOU WERE TO TAKE GEORGE W. BUSH, LIKE, TOMORROW I WOULD NOT EVEN CRY, SRSLY, or large goons would come and make your ass vanish in the dead of night and next thing anyone knows, you're calling collect from, like, Belgrade or some shit. But Obama's the evil one?



ETA: Forgot to say, ganked from [livejournal.com profile] wendymr.
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ESL Teacher Fired -- Holy S***

An ESL teacher from San Anselmo was dismissed after translating obscene language, according to the Marin Independent Journal. The saga all started when Tamalpais Adult School students asked Jack Liberman for a lesson on words that might not go over well after, say, missing a putt on the 15th green.

German student Brigitte Brockmann told the Journal:

Whenever I am playing golf, if I make a bad shot I always would yell 'sh--!'" Jack had to tell me that I can't say 'sh--,' that I have to say 'shoot' instead.

And for this they fired him? Jesus. I've taught a lesson like that myself. Shame on TAS for not backing their teacher.


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