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Jon Stewart Introduces Cribs About Poor Wisconsin Teachers

Friday, March 11, 2011, by Sarah Firshein

On last night's episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart addressed the Wisconsin school-system crisis by shedding light on "the real villains, the teachers, who so cavalierly drain Wisconsin and America dry." How, you ask? By spending their lazily earned $51K a year on "lavish benefits." Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee investigates in the first-ever episode of Cribs: Teacher Edition, visiting the homes of two Wisconsin public school teachers. The nerve of these people! They have a top sheet and a bottom sheet! Jewelry that costs $20!

I don't know how long this video will be available; usually Daily Show videos cycle off the site pretty regularly. Get in there and watch it; it's completely win.

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... being told by one of your students, "We want you to be our teacher forever."

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A crew of boys went by a bit ago, bellowing the ways boys will, and one of them screamed, just as they passed my room, "SHUT UP, DOWN'S SCHOOL IS MEETING." (Or something to that effect.)

I told my students that nothing inspires me to go postal faster than people messing with my students in any way, including by insulting them.

Yeah, they're just stupid ignorant boys who think anything different is bad and threatening and who probably cannot possibly conceive of coming to school just because you want to. Don't care. They still suck. And I would still throw someone out of my class if he made hateful ignorant comments about developmentally disabled people, even if it's "only" to suggest that Down's is in some way "bad."
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I'm ridiculously behind on updates. So, randomly:

1. Teaching summer school. Last week was 2 of 6. It's going amazingly well and my students are both awesome and happy.

2. Saw Star Trek a few weeks ago. It was a giant steaming plate of meh with a large dollop of lamesauce and a generous side of crunchy-fried plot holes.

3. Summer fruit season. Mmmmm, fruit. Ooh, and there's the microwave announcing that my apricot crisp is done. It's better in the oven, but it's way too damn hot for that. Also there's corn cooling on the stove and my fridge is fully of excellent produce. I loves me some farmer's market.

4. Speaking of the oven, we've been baking bread pretty regularly. Niiiiice.

5. Hardi and I celebrated our twelfth anniversary last weekend. It was lovely. ♥

6. I've been reading a ton of good books lately. *is happy*

7. My container garden is flourishing. Some good lengths of chicken wire wrapped around the benches where the pots are sitting are keeping the cats out, so stuff is finally getting the chance to grow undisturbed. My first johnny-jump-ups and nasturtiums are blooming. Squee.

8. The cats are very well. Such a relief after the last few years of Locke's and Kiri's lives.

9. I haz an iPhone.

10. My arms are much of the suckage. :/

How's by you?
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ESL Teacher Fired -- Holy S***

An ESL teacher from San Anselmo was dismissed after translating obscene language, according to the Marin Independent Journal. The saga all started when Tamalpais Adult School students asked Jack Liberman for a lesson on words that might not go over well after, say, missing a putt on the 15th green.

German student Brigitte Brockmann told the Journal:

Whenever I am playing golf, if I make a bad shot I always would yell 'sh--!'" Jack had to tell me that I can't say 'sh--,' that I have to say 'shoot' instead.

And for this they fired him? Jesus. I've taught a lesson like that myself. Shame on TAS for not backing their teacher.
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My teaching credential got processed. WOOT.
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She's going to be releasing a new album at the end of October. It is much of the squee.

Loreena McKennitt's New Seasonal CD ''A Midwinter Night's Dream'' Set For International Release October 28

September 10th, 2008.

To celebrate the holiday season Loreena McKennitt’s A Midwinter Night’s Dream will be released on October 28.

The holiday album features eight new songs alongside five tracks from McKennitt’s 1995 EP, A Winter Garden: Five Songs For The Season, which have been completely re-mastered for the new release.

She's also going to be doing a European concert in a very prestigious and exciting location. (I'm really excited for her; what an honor!) Go visit her web site, Quinlan Road, for more information.

In other news, I've basically finished my lesson planning for the whole week, except for prepping for my word processing class that starts Tuesday. But I've taught that class once already, and it's a fairly set curriculum, so it's basically just refining pre-existing lessons. Not bad. :)
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] litgoddess. Boldface by me.


Idiots. They're making Texas look bad worse. Nice, intelligent people live there! I swear it!


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