Jun. 20th, 2008 09:51 pm
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Not cats. Garden sheds! Well, one in particular.

I wonder if it's bigger on the inside?


Aug. 28th, 2007 10:58 pm
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I actually ganked these from [ profile] cleolinda. I think there are still a few people left on LJ who don't read her. (Seriously, why?)

Sweeney Todd Too Gory?
To quote [ profile] cleolinda: *facepalm* I mean, seriously, how stupid do you have to be?

Jack Davenport, Christopher Eccleston among the famous names reading children’s stories for the Times Online
w00t! Ecclescakeston reading "Sinbad" FTW!

So [ profile] cleolinda has this pbwiki project called Cleoland going where readers who don't get references to her long-running jokes can go see what she's talking about. She just announced that she'd finished a few new entries. One of them, Pthoolhu, I'd read before, and I remembered it as being amusing so I clicked through to read it again. Then I noticed she had a link to a Cthulhu page, so I clicked it. And then I laughed hysterically for like a minute. Totally work safe. Just don't read while drinking anything.
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*wanders away looking stunned*
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*runs around the apartment going AAAAAAAAHHH*
(Okay, not literally, but I am that jazzed up.)

Those evil, evil bastards. Summer school starts Monday. I have to have stuff prepped. This means I have to concentrate on work tomorrow. And we ended with a cliffhanger liek whoa.

....Russell T. Davies, you beautiful bastard. A WINNAR IS YOU.

That has to be one of the only RTD scripts I've seen that I didn't think sucked. It was the anti-suck. It almost makes up for "New Earth."

No, okay, I lie. Nothing makes up for "New Earth." A lifetime's supply of foot massages with oral sex (NOT FROM RTD, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU) included would not make up for "New Earth." But it was really freaking good. I mean, he actually got plot threads wound through the season and he did it right this time.

If "The Sound of Drums" and "The Last of the Time Lords" are not fan-fucking-tastic I am getting on a plane and going to England just to smack Russell T. Davies upside the head with a rotting mackerel. So help me.
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Wow. That was so much better than "Love and Monsters" that they're not even in the same universe. Very cool that the crew of DW are taking risks like this.

Also, preview? Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack... *boing*
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This is why I watch Doctor Who.

Damn that was some fine television.
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That is all.
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Totally ganked from [ profile] chicklet73.

Parting of Wai? No Wai!

That is deeply wrong.
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I'm way too lazy to put this much effort into a pumpkin carving, but it's really. Fuckin'. Cool.

They have a Cylon one, too.

Aaaaaaaahhhh--Geek out!
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Yes, have some! )

I swear I am not making this up.
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God damn you, Russell T. Davies.

...I mean, really, was there a point to that?
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Just a semirandom bunch of impressions.

This... is my Bring It face. )
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Got to it eventually. Let's see. To sum up:

"Boomtown" < "Aliens of London" < "New Earth" < film of someone having a root canal < "Tooth and Claw"

The engines! They canna take the strai--er, sorry, wrong fandom. )
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Wow. So. Watched it finally.

Now seating the Ranting and Raving Section. Please keep your boarding pass ready. )
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Managing to keep my head above water so far. In fact, I'm doing a lot better than last semester. My school principal is mentoring me. God, it makes such a difference.

Anyway, must run and get lunch.

Oh! Obligatory Whovian note, all other may ignore as it won't mean a thing to you. ;)
I finally saw The Christmas Invasion. David Tennant makes an adorable Doctor, but I'll probably always miss Christopher Eccleston. The new suit is very natty, as seen in all those publicity shots on the BBC website.


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