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If I were a creature of impulse, my CPAP unit would be lying on the concrete beneath my balcony.

Before the weather warmed up, the CPAP was condensing ridiculous amounts of water in the hose, even if I'd used it only briefly and even though I have the hose insulated with a fleece sleeve. I would have to hang it up over the shower doors, and when the hose dropped down, I could hear drops of water spattering into the bathtub. If I ever forgot to hang the thing up in the morning, it would dribble quantities of cold water all over my face when I put it on at night.

Then I started having problems with the mask on my skin. I would put the mask on, and within minutes my face would start itching. I decided maybe the silicon interface was harboring too much skin oil and bacteria, so I replaced it. Yeah, not so much with the solution.

The mask is frequently leaky, a problem not apparently solved by my replacing the interface, and it's started hurting the bridge of my nose and my eye sockets. If I try to wear it, I start getting that rubber-band-around-my-head feeling you get with a tension headache; if I leave it on, it just gets worse. I've tried to adjust the headgear straps and it hasn't helped. To top it off, the hose drags on the mask and exacerbates the problems with fit and leakage.

CPAP therapy is supposed to help with the oxy deprivation that is supposedly causing my nightmares, but that's a pile of horseshit, because even with the fucking thing running I still have nightmares and I still scream loud enough to wake Hardi in the next room, even with a mask over my face.

So tell me again how this piece of crap is going to make my life better? Because so far it's a waste of time, money, and precious space on my nightstand. Trying to use it just makes me angry and miserable. Because that's restful.

Date: 2013-07-01 01:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rurounitriv.livejournal.com
That's odd... I've never had the water condensation problem that you're talking about.

The skin issues with the mask are a little too familiar, though from the sounds of it yours are way worse than mine are - you may have an allergy to the padding. (I just get zits where the mask hits my skin, and it's not constant or itchy.)

The hose pulling is definitely the worst thing about getting used to the mask, though, I've never found a way to secure it so that it doesn't drag it out of alignment. I've just gotten used to it... and believe me, it took a while! Ditto with the pressure on the nose and the orbits of the eyes, it took a while to adjust but now I barely think about it.

Have you talked to your doctor about the issues you're having with it? S/he may have some suggestions that could help. You might also see if your CPAP provider has someone who handles these kinds of issues.


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