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Today I was at Book Buyers in Mountain View with a friend, and I noticed that their 2016 wall calendars had started to come in. I grabbed my usual mindfulness calendar to hang by my desk and then went looking for one for the kitchen. (Yes, they're like 15 feet apart. I actually use them both. Don't judge.) Then I stumbled on this one and my head exploded. "Oh my god, this is so aggressively girly that I have to have it," I told my friend. Seriously, look at those photos, it's ridiculous. I love it. So next year I get to look at all these heteronormative gender-normative versions of romantic imagery, and I'm going to enjoy the shit out of it. The mindfulness calendar can hang out by the phone table, it's all good.

And ha! They were 40 percent off.

p.s. Support your local independent bookstore, yo.

p.p.s. (O HAI STUPID BRAIN TRICKS, VERY FUNNY, I've been misusing heteronormative for like freaking ever because I obviously misremembered the proper definition. Yay?)
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Because the knitters in my circle of friends can never have enough.

Near Sea Naturals

They sell fabrics, too.... *bookmarks*
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I read a blog called The Non-Consumer Advocate that tracks the life of a woman who decided to join the Compact, a pledge to buy only used things (with exceptions for things like underwear, socks, and food ;) ).

Today's post was a wonderful exploration of the idea of spending our money on experiences rather than things. I enjoyed reading it and thought you might, too.

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Goodwill of SF, San Mateo, and Marin Counties is having a $2 clothing sale this Saturday and Sunday. As in, all clothing is $2. To see if your local store is part of the sale, check out the ad.

This has been a public service announcement of your local thrift shop fiend. But remember, kids, avoid the [livejournal.com profile] thrifthorror unless you take photos.
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The Bargainist has a coupon for a free pair of women's Jockey panties. Just print it out, walk into a Macy's, and cash in! Niiiiice.

Thanks to[livejournal.com profile] aspasia02 for letting me in on The Bargainist.


Dec. 21st, 2006 04:20 pm
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Has anyone ever done business with Zappos.com? Done returns, etc.? I'm considering a pretty big purchase and my husband wants I want to be sure they're honest.

*sour face*

That'll teach me to be courteous and run things by my husband before I do them.
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It is chilly cold fucking cold outside. I took Hardi to BART this morning and it was 38°F in Colma. When I got back home it was 40°F outside. Forty. *whiiiine*

I may have to buy lined corduroy pants if the whole winter's going to be like this. Went looking for flannel PJs today and oh my god there are so many hideous pairs of pajamas out there. Like OMGSOHEINOUS. If this keeps up I will have to make some of my own.

Also. Will someone please explain the point of low rider flannel pajama pants?

Also I see a pair of pajamas made by Bedhead that are $139.95 and WTF? Do they get up before you and make the coffee?

Also also no I would not like a football team logo on my sleepwear kthxbuggeroff.

Also also also Emma they have some Dolce & Gabbana shoes at overstock.com. Hey, wow, a Tahari skirt suit for $41.


I have to get my shit together and box up Stuff and send it out.

Emma, thank you for the lovely card and the lovely scarf! It's really soft. I've been using it every day since I got it. But what kind of yarn is it, and how do I take care of it?

And a card from AKK and also many cards from Ashley! Ashley, I've loved every one of the cards you sent. Thank you. ♥


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